Tables do not wobble, even when they are placed on the street or an uneven surface:T-Balance

Tables do not wobble, even when they are placed on the street or an uneven surface:T-Balance

Have you ever been annoyed or unable to relax when the table you are using to eat or drink at a restaurant or a café is wobbly?

It could prevent you from enjoying the moment.

Furthermore, it is unsettling to have to be constantly worried about spilling drinks or moving the food because of a wobbly table. This could prevent you from being immersed in a conversation with your friend or distract you from reading or doing other things.
Most importantly, it could leave a bad impression of your store.

It would be too costly, however, to buy a new table or make the floors even.
A height-adjustable table may solve the problem, but it would need to be readjusted each time it is moved to another location and that would be inconvenient.

T-Balance can better solve this problem.
T-Balance stops tables from wobbling to solve this problem for the restaurants and cafes once and for all.

Characteristics of T-Balance

It automatically finds stability

Impressively, it “automatically stabilizes” the table.
It does not require you to do any work.

Easy installation

The movable part of T-Balance automatically adjusts itself, based on the irregularity of the surface, and the table stops wobbling within 15 seconds after the installation.
T-Balance is controlled by hydraulics, which gradually and magically stabilizes the table.

Only 15 seconds after installation

There is no need to purchase a specialized table. Simply swap the adjusters on your current table legs with T-Balance. No tools required.
They can be also be used on terracotta and wooden tables.


Aside from periodically checking the tightness of the screws, and tightening them as needed, T-Balance requires virtually no upkeep.

Installation procedures

  1. Remove the existing adjusters from the table legs.
  2. Check the screw diameter on the table leg. If needed, place a screw adaptor.
  3. Turn the T-Balance tightly by hand to attach it to the table leg.
  4. See the diagram below for recommended installation patterns.

■1 or 2 table legs of a 4-legged table must have the movable part.
Attach non-moving part on the other legs.

■The weight limit is 9-30 kg.
There are 4 different screw diameter types: M8, M6, 3/8in, 5/16in

■Manageable height gap for each movable part is ±3㎜

  1. movable part type: 6mm.
  2. movable parts type: 10mm.

Choose the right number of moveable part for your needs.

Reasons for our recommendation

Everyone must have experienced, at one point or another, sitting at a wobbly table and was bothered by it throughout your meal.
It is a waste of time to be distracted by a wobbly table such that you do not focus on the conversation or even the meal itself.
This product is neither flashy nor eye-catching. However, it can significantly increase the comfort level of being in a particular space.


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